Police Dogs

Our Police dogs for sale are carefully selected for proper drives and traits from sources throughout Europe and South America.  After numerous selection tests we find dogs that will not be fixated on equipment. Our goal is a quality police K9 that will function at the highest level and provide a very trustworthy resource under fast and evolving conditions.

We spend the time to ensure all of our police dogs are exposed to: 

  • Felony car stops
  • Building search
  • Area search
  • Muzzle fight and searches
  • Pat down of suspects
  • Prisoner escorts
  • Advanced obedience
  • Tactical obedience
  • Courtroom testimony

We also offer report writing training for patrol dog handlers and many other topics tailored toward insulating your agency from liability.

We can always customize the ideal dog for your department and work toward that end.

At the conclusion of our training we always allow the K9 Team to test through a third party, nationally recognized police dog certifying entity.

At IronHeart High Performance Working Dogs we may not be the biggest company providing police canines, but we take great pride in every police K9 team we produce.

police dog