Mold Detector Dogs

Mold Detector Dogs For Sale

A mold detection dog offers a mold remediation company an extra tool that is capable of detecting various types of mold existing in troublesome areas. Having a properly trained mold dog is the only way to ensure you have all the tools at your disposal in your quest to detect and locate mold.

The mold detection dog handler course curriculum covers a broad range of topics with special emphasis on leash handling and the creation of realistic training scenarios when not working actual searches in the field.

“The training staff at IronHeart select only the finest dogs to move forward in our program.”

Most of our small dogs are procured within the Midwest and our toy reward dogs are normally imported from Europe. We normally offer advanced obedience training with our toy reward dogs. These dogs have actual dates of birth and come with X-rays of hips, elbows, and spine. This normally ensures you are purchasing a young dog that will work for your company for many years. The toy reward dogs are selected from the same stock used for drug and bomb dogs for police and military use. We work hard to test for exceptional work ethic, motivation, and intensity to hunt. Anyone purchasing one of our dogs will receive training for the life of the dog as well as timely customer support in the event you experience any problems. Our many years of training experience has yielded hundreds of high-quality dogs working all over the world.

A mold detector dog is capable of locating various types of molds in tough to find locations. Mold dogs can be highly accurate. Our training staff understands there are many variables as they relate to the accuracy of mold detector dogs in the field.

Mold Dog Accuracy Variables:

  • Training aids
      • Actual mold samples must be used for training the most accurate mold detector dogs. The use of pseudo or fake odors do not emulate a realistic scent picture.
      • Contamination of all training aids must be minimized to prevent a distorted scent picture.
  • Realistic presentations
      • Training a mold dog to detect real mold in areas where mold will be found is important to the success of the team.
      • We must create search areas the mold dog will view as “productive areas” and make the job that much easier in the field.
      • Productive areas include baseboards, behind sheetrock, shower basins, windowsills, and many other areas.
  • Varying scent plumes
      • Quality training of a mold detector dog begins with actual mold samples placed behind realistic containment such as sheetrock or baseboards. An added degree of containment will make the mold samples less noticeable causing the mold dog to work harder. This will improve accuracy in the field.
      • Varying degrees of containment coupled with varied height and depth of training aids will dramatically increase the accuracy of a mold dog.
  • Highly motivated canines
      • Intense drive to hunt
      • Targets productive areas
      • Environmental confidence
      • Good social skills
  • Proper leash handling Training
  • Quality final response of canine.
Mold detector dogs
Mold detection dog training

The IronHeart Training Center has been providing high quality working dogs since 2008. Most of the staff have been training various scent detection canines since 1993. Over the years we have learned so much from those who provide mold remediation on a routine basis. IronHeart is a family-owned business, and we treat every customer with the utmost care and diligence to ensure they learn enough within the handler course to be successful with their mold dog when working in the field.

If you’re interested in a mold detection dog, please give us a call. You will not be disappointed.