Drug Dogs

The IronHeart Training Center prides itself in producing some of the finest drug detector dog teams in the world. Numerous federal, state, local law enforcement, and private companies are enjoying the benefits of a quality dog and a quality handler course offered by the IronHeart Training Center.

All of our dogs are extremely focused, intense and determined. They have an unquestioned work ethic and hunt with a great deal of persistence.  The same qualities of an excellent drug interdiction officer are present in our drug dogs.  Whether a dog for law enforcement, the private sector, or a drug rehabilitation center, IronHeart will deliver the perfect dog for your operation to combat the war on drugs.  The staff at IronHeart recently traveled to Italy, Denmark, and Mexico City for drug dog workshops.

IronHeart has developed some of the very best resources in the world to access and locate the very best dogs for drug detection.  The standard has been set very high.  Only the best dogs are located from a global search when a customer orders a dog.  You can be rest assured your dog will be extremely intense and focused to hunt for drugs when ordering a dog from IronHeart. 

IronHeart has drug dogs in over 21 Countries and the staff conducts workshops all over the world. IronHeart works hard to train the dogs to find odors that could be hidden in the most obscured areas where it could otherwise go unnoticed.  IronHeart works hard to lower the threshold and always raises the bar on training and the finished product. 

Everything from the selection testing of dogs, leash handling, report writing, latest trends in drug trafficking, concealment methods, search warrants, and up to date case law, is covered in our handler course.

The IronHeart Training Center uses several different training locations to include an old Army Base, to ensure quality training and varying environments are experienced.

Please contact us for more information about any of our dogs, training, or lodging options.