Currency Detector Dogs

Everyday millions of dollars of currency is transported along our highways in hidden compartments. This currency has a very distinct scent picture, which causes it to be very detectable by the canine if imprinted properly from the beginning.

Drug detector dogs are “proofed” off of currency. This means the drug dogs often are exposed to circulated cash in an effort to ensure they do not “alert” to the odor of the cash. This is done to make sure the only common denominator is the odor of drugs. A currency dog is the opposite. It will be exposed every day to the scent picture emanating from circulated cash. Yes, it may be true there is supposedly so many nanograms of odor on “all circulated cash”, but a good drug dog should be worked on enough cash to minimize the chances of an alert to cash not in direct contact with drugs.

Whatever arguments anyone can make to dogs and circulated cash, you can be confident a currency dog from IronHeart will only alert to the odor stemming from the cash and nothing else extraneous.