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The IronHeart Training Center provides quality police dogs, personal protection dogs and bedbug dogs for clients in 21 countries. The hallmarks for any working dogs from IronHeart include superior focus, intensity and determination. It all starts with a properly selection tested canine and ends with a quality handler course.

The IronHeart Training Center has been featured in many publications to include Dog Fancy Magazine, The New York Daily News, USA Today, and National Geographic to name a few. IronHeart prides itself in providing quality police dogs, personal protection dogs and bedbug dogs. From law enforcement to the pest control industry, IronHeart has the resources to provide the finest working dogs in the world.

IronHeart is licensed by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) as well as the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). The staff holds accreditations from some of the foremost nationally recognized police dog associations and pest control associations to include the North American Police Work Dog Association (NAPWDA) and the National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association (NESDCA).

IronHeart Training Center provides high quality dog obedience and working dogs.
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Our Articles

Brian sparksBrian sparks
20:40 11 Aug 23
Michelle IsabellMichelle Isabell
13:08 15 Mar 23
Tanner OgdenTanner Ogden
00:45 19 Oct 22
This handsome boy was purchased and trained at IronHeart performance dogs. He and I have been partners since 2017. He has assisted in the arrests, apprehension, and evidence recovery involving hundreds of cases. I HIGHLY recommend this company.
Vickie UlrichVickie Ulrich
03:57 17 Aug 22
I'm so grateful to Matt with his help with our Brendoodle. I have always had dogs and never had an issue with training them until her. We too her to two sections and saw an improvement but then had to be out of town for a week so Matt boarder trained her. We cam home to a new dog. She comes when we call her and follows all command. The best part she is still a fun loving puppy. He trained her with love along with disabled so she is very lovable and well mannered. Thank you so much Matt. Not sure I would have got the same results with any other trainer.
Scott SchatzerScott Schatzer
01:07 17 Aug 22
I cannot recommend IronHeart kennels higher. Matt and his staff produce a product that is truly indicative of his many years of K9 training. As a handler for a public school system in central Oklahoma, Matt was tasked with finding us a detector dog with several unique specifications. Matt met every single one of our expectations. Malissa worked tirelessly with myself and K9 Toby, forging us into a team. There is already talk in our school district of future purchases from IronHeart. Thank you for all you did!
Katherine HunterKatherine Hunter
05:15 10 May 22
I'm very happy with the training and teaching I've received here, for both the human and dog side of the leash. I was training my dog on my own for about five months in bed bug detection (with prior experience in other types of detection), but so far I've learned more in four weeks than I did in all those five months. Matt has a great facility to train in, with several setups and environments to make training very realistic. He's always on time and professional. When time allows (if there's no other clients), he's happy to keep talking about dog training and answering questions, even if it's past our scheduled appointment time. He wants to make sure that the handler side is just as well educated as the dog, because it's definitely a team effort.
Kylie Wiesner-HaasKylie Wiesner-Haas
22:58 16 Sep 21
Matt Skogen is brilliant when it comes to training working dogs, and his facility, IronHeart, is incredible. Seeing what these intelligent K9s can do in person is an amazing experience. From seeking out pesky bed bugs, to preventing a bomb from getting through the gates at any major event, to keeping their family safe in the event of a home break in. These dogs are capable of anything, all thanks to Mr. Skogen, and IronHeart. I recommend IronHeart to anyone and everyone who is interested, or not!I have attached a photo of a special boy named Felix, an IronHeart graduate, who I had the pleasure of working with a few years back. Felix currently resides in South Dakota, and works for Tri State Security, with his handler Mitch!