Bomb Dogs

The IronHeart Training Center produces some of the finest explosives detector dog teams in the world.

Our strict testing requirements ensure high quality bomb dogs. We work closely with working dog providers all over the world. This enables us to provide some of the best guarantees in the industry.  Our selection test criteria includes the following:

  • High Toy Motivation
  • Excellent Hunt Intensity and Persistence
  • Good social skills
  • Environmental Confidence
  • Quality health check to include X-rays

 A bomb dog handler course does not deserve to be mixed with other disciplines. It requires a very specific curriculum. There exist many leash handling differences between a bomb dog and a drug dog. Tactics, explosives awareness, and current trends in improvised explosives devices separate a good bomb dog handler course from the rest. IronHeart Director of training, Matt Skogen is an Explosives Detector Dog Master Trainer for the North American Police Work Dog Association. This accreditation process is among the most stringent in the industry.

“A bomb dog must be the best in the industry due to the safety of the public” -Matt Skogen 


What separates our bomb dogs from most is the following:

  • Bomb dog specific curriculum
  • Advanced training objectives related to selectivity, sensitivity, quality of response and tactics.
  • Instructors are bomb dog specialists
  • Advanced objectives include focus and indirect pay from source, low threshold on realistic containment, bulk load awareness and proficiency, air current trailing, obedience, and many more.
  • Quality dog selection and training
  • Some of the best guarantees in the industry
  • Great value with quality lodging options

Many agencies are enjoying the benefits of our bomb dog training. All of our explosives detector dogs are extremely focused, intense, and determined. 

Our Explosives Detector Dog Master Trainer takes bomb dogs very serious and has been featured in many articles to include Police K9 Magazine

“Quality bomb dog training should include training objectives accentuating the many differences between a bomb dog and any other detector dog” – Matt Skogen

It is very important each handler become familiar with the components of explosives, trends in explosives worldwide, and the individual composition of these explosives.

A bomb dog must be handled like a bomb dog and not a drug dog. It is imperative that each handler truly understand the operational differences that exist between other detector dog disciplines. We stress the prioritization of sweeps, a systematic, tactical approach that should be ingrained in each handler throughout the entire handler course.

Please contact us for more information about any of our dogs, training, or lodging options.

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