Mold Dogs

“A mold detector dog must learn to search areas where mold may be present.  The staff at IronHeart goes out of their way to ensure mold dogs are eager to search realistic areas having mold. “

“Our curriculum covers a broad range of topics with an emphasis on leash handling and the prevention of “false alerts”.

There are many types of mold and some are more harmful than others. Having a properly selection tested, and trained, mold detection canine, is the only way to ensure you have all the tools at your disposal in your quest to detect and locate mold.

The IronHeart Training Center utilizes tried and true training methods to create very accurate mold detection canines. Due to our large volume of selection tested dogs, we have the means to provide only the dogs having the most focus, intensity, and hunt drive to move forward in our program.

The IronHeart Training Center prides itself in the selection of their dogs and only recruit dogs having exceptional work ethic, motivation, and hunting prowess. Anyone purchasing one of our dogs will receive training for the life of the dog as well as timely customer support in the event you experience any problems. Our many years of training experience has yielded hundreds of top quality working dogs all over the world.